The capital of Austria, a city with about 2 million inhabitants, is situated at the heart of Europe, and is lying on the banks of the majestic Danube River. The City's everchanging history has left an indelible mark, manifested in a rich cultural heritage. Vienna's ultimate fascination stems from combining imperial grandeur with cosmopolitan spirit.

Vienna's historic center, in its unity, is considered one of the most beautiful city landmarks in Europe. The imperial flair of the center of Vienna is enhanced by numerous churches, mansions and parks, as well as by rich art collections gathered by wealthy rulers. Its centuries-old musical tradition ranges from the Court Chapel of the Imperial Place to Mozart's immortal music and the waltzes of Johann Strauss. Viennese writers, musicians, artists, and scientists have influenced many aspects of the modern world. Also inextricably linked to the center of the city are the delights of Viennese cuisine, the "gem├╝tlichkeit" of Viennese coffeehouses and nostalgic shopping at former purveyors to the royal-imperial court - all joined in incomparable Viennese harmony.

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