Special issue

Within the scope of the workshop, a special issue of the SSCI-ranked Central European Journal of Operations Research (CEJOR) will be published.

Authors are invited to submit a full paper to be considered for publication in CEJOR.


For decades, diffusion processes have received considerable attention by both scientists and practitioners. More recently, agent-based simulations come into play because they allow the explicit modeling of interactions between heterogeneous agents and, thus, to overcome simplifying assumptions of existing analytical models. This special issue aims at presenting current developments and challenges in agent-based modeling of various diffusion processes from several contributing fields (e.g., management science, economics, sociology, psychology, computer science).

Areas of interest comprise, but are not limited to, applications, e.g., in

  • diffusion/adoption of innovations
  • knowledge diffusion
  • epidemic modeling

as well as technical/methodological aspects such as

  • modeling agent behavior (e.g., communication processes, learning)
  • designing proper social networks
  • implementation issues

and/or more general questions regarding, e.g.,

  • means for parameterization of agent-based simulations
  • validation of these simulations.


Manuscripts should be submitted online at https://www.editorialmanager.com/cjor.

Please select "SI: Agent-based Sim. of Diffusion Proc." as "Article Type" in order to have your manuscript considered for inclusion in this special issue.

  Submission deadline: June 30, 2010

  Publication of special issue scheduled for mid of 2011

The Call-for-papers for the special issue can be downloaded here: Special issue on "Agent-based Simulation of Diffusion Processes" (pdf)

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